Okay, so if you’re looking at this, you know what my art looks like , unless you didn’t read any of my comic, which you should. If you like my style, wouldn’t you like to see your favorite comic, TV, movie, whatever character in it? Well, you can, if you commission me!

My prices are as follows:

Lineart – $3

You can probably find $3 worth of change in your couch or in that change jar you keep by the door. Why not throw that bit of change towards a starving artist? You will get a series of lines and squiggles that together trick your eyes into believing it is a person trapped inside a digital monitor!

Flat Color – $5

Do you love super saturated colors that look like they’ve come right out of Mad Max or The Fifth Element? Well, for an extra $2, you can get that lineart coated in that bright eye sore colors that I’m addicted to using!

Detailed – $7

You want your commission to have the same attention to detail I give to my comics? For another extra $2, I will act like your commission is one of my own comics and put my heart and soul into it. I’m talking about shading, clothes folds, a detailed background, and textures.

Extra Characters – +$2

Don’t want one character, but 2??? Woah there, friend, thats a tall order, but I’m willing to try it, for a fee of course. A whole $2. Crazy, right? But everything comes at a cost. Maybe you could find that extra $2 in your bank account to turn a solo show into an OTP or whatever. Wouldn’t that be worth the whole 200 pennies?

So I’m a pretty cheap date. Please consider commissioning me, as right now the site can barely pay for itself.

Also, this money will go towards expanding my webcomic empire and maybe even make it to a con or 2 with a table in the artists alley. You might be able to meet me IRL

Anyways, long story short, email me at jakkelwebb@gmail.com and we can talk about the content and price. Payment will be through PayPal.