The Comic

The Wretched Ones is a fantasy comic that follows the adventures of a group of (queer) friends as they uncover secrets from a millennia ago and from their own lives.

Yayne, a young woman with a mysterious background, investigates the life of Nicholas Thomas, an aristocrat with a multitude of secrets hidden away in his journals.

Charlie is being stalked by a Plague Doctor. He is not sure if its real, or if hes losing his mind.

Something weird is happening in Grimwood, and Yayne and Charlie are going to find out.

The Author

Iainne Johnson (its pronounced ‘Ian’) ( also known as: Yayne, The Candyland Pervert, and the Captain of the Ninja Zombies) published her first finished comic August 1st, 2012. 4 years and over 100 individual comics later, she almost knows what shes doing with this.

The author is pretty obviously American, and if you are English and notice some blatant mistakes in the speech and behavior of the English characters and the design of the setting, don’t hesitate to comment and correct the author. She is more than willing to correct her mistakes.