I’m sure everyone noticed that there is no comic page this week.

Well, being back at school has taken up more of my spare time than I expected. I planned to have a page for today done but with all my classes demanding so much time in the studio, I’ve been too drained of time and energy to work.

So I’m going on a small hiatus to give myself time to build up a buffer. I project that I would like to have things back on track no later than… November 6th, right before Nekocon. I plan on printing out business cards to pass out and I would like to be updating at that point.

Until then, I will try to post more sketches on tumblr to satisfy anyone wanting to see more of the gang. Feel free to send an ask, even one addressing specific characters. There are a lot of secrets being held so I can’t anyways answer but I’ll do what I can!